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From time to time our dogs will bring home serious awards...we will post pictures whenever available.  If you purchase a dog from us and he or she becomes an award winner, or if they just win your heart and you'd like to share it with us, we'd love to share your pride on our website.  Please send us your photos!  Thanks to all of you who have sent us letters and pictures so far!  Happy Hunting and God Bless the Dogs!

Jager & Travis

I'm sure you get tons of pictures of your pups, but I wanted to share this with you. Jager will be 2 years old at the end of April, and is a Benny and Nixie pup. He has been a great dog and filled the void left when our last GSP died. Last fall we were taking senior pictures of our son, Travis around the farm. Jager plopped down as if he were the one who should be getting photographed. We took a handful of shots but this is our favorite picture of them together!    Jager has been a quick learner, a great hunter and an amazing companion to our family. We are thrilled to have him. Howard & TerriApril /18/2016

                    DG & DEREK

Hello All,DG and Derek are doing very well.Last year was Derek's first year in 4 H and they did well together.She has gotten very birdy in the last couple of months,which makes us very excited about the upcoming season.Derek is hoping to get her senior legs this year for AKC hunt tests.  But we do have some braggs about her and him recently....They went to 4H this year for Agility,Showman Ship and Obedience.How Exciting! They  received 1St Place in Agility,2Nd in Showman Ship and 2nd in Obedience.She is a natural in agility.  Love from Indiana,The Getzens8/15 /2011        DG is a Buddy & Julie Puppy



Hi Jim & Eunice,First trip to cabin was wonderful,Belle is very smart and training is coming along Great.Randy is more than pleased with her.He can't say enough about how pleased he is with her !!           Brenda    07/09/2011 Belle is a Buddy and Dolly Pup.


Hi Jim,Attached is a picture of Blitz(6 mos.)who we brought home the end of February.I just wanted to say how grateful we are to have gotten Blitzkrieg as he is turning out to be an excellent dog.I can't wait to get him on some birds this fall.He has been very easy to train and eager to learn and please.He has surpassed our expectations and I have no doubt that he will be an excellent hunter. I hope to be able to come to your place and get on some birds this fall.Thanks again for a great dog!  Nick    06/30/2011                            Blitz is a Brough and Chick pup.

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for a great puppy.  We got Bruno in June from Abby's litter.  He's got some puppy energy but overall is a nice calm dog in the house .  He loves people, is good with the kids, and LOVES hunting!  He had his first productive point on a grouse last week.  Unfortunately, the bird flew out the back side of a balsam thicket and I couldn't get off a shot.  Its been fun watching him progress over the summer and now into the fall, he 's starting to put things together.  I'll be starting him on duck hunting this fall too.  The other night we were walking Bruno on the Lakewalk here in Duluth and met a woman with two shorthairs, an old dog and a 12 week old puppy.  It turns out they got the puppy from your last litter!  It was nice to see another Bluegrass shorthair in Duluth.
Well, thanks again and Happy Hunting!


I just wanted to update you on the pup you sold me.  I was the one Jim met in Hinckley, MN.  She was pup #7 from your June 16 litter.  Her AKC registration name is Bluegrass Sugar Magnolia.  She is my best friend!!!  I am so happy to have gotten her from you guys.  The pedigree was reviewed by a well-known pointer trainer and she was impressed.  Maggie gets quite the workout on a daily basis.  She loves to point when I'm throwing her bumpers, then I let her go and she so happily retrieves.  She is a bit distractible yet, she'll shy away with the bumper in her mouth… kneeling down, shaking her head as to taunt me to come get her.  But, I patiently wait and open the bag of meaty treats to break her off a chunk if she brings it back to me.  She eventually always does.  Maggie is also the talk of the neighborhood day care kids.  They love to pet her through the fence and she calms the kids down.  Needless to mention how happy this makes the daycare lady.  Sunday I found out that she is not gun-shy at all!  This makes me so happy.  She just wanted to go out and mow up some clay pigeon remnants.  Right before we started shooting the landowner from across the street showed up to let his two dogs run and kick up some phez.  Low and behold, TWO GERMAN SHORTHAIR'S!!!  HOW MUCH BETTER COULD THE DAY GET!!!  He was thoroughly impressed with her colors and mannerism's that he insisted to know where I got her from.  So I told him.  Maybe he'll give you a call in the future?  He couldn't say enough about the greatness of the breed.  I couldn't stop smiling, I am proud.  Feel free to check in anytime, I'd love to get her up to hunt the game farm sometime. 

 Thanks again so much for such a special pup.




UPDATE:  3/02/09

Here is a picture of Maggie from our last hunt.  She pointed that bird, her first one.  It was one of the coolest things I have been a part of.






Update on Heidi:

You made the comment when we picked her up “I wouldn’t be afraid to hunt her”.  Well – I think we picked her up mid October and in two weeks she was in the field.  During Thanksgiving break she did three days in a row – all out west and lots of birds “speed lessons”.  Now with the nice December she is starting to act like a veteran.  Anyway she coming along real good and if I can remember correctly a little ahead of her great aunt with regards to birds at this age.  Have a nice holiday season.           



In June of 2006 we purchased a pup from you.  She is a sweetheart.  Randy is so anxious to hunt with her this year.  Sammi went with him last year and did okay but was still a little young.  This year after many, many hours of chasing birds, squirrels and anything else that will move she should be in good shape for hunting.  Thanks for a great dog.  Take care. 



We thought we would send you a couple of pictures of Greta. She will be 6 months old tomorrow. She is such a good puppy. She points and retrieves. Brian works from home so he gets to spend all day with her! We are going to take her out this spring to start field training her. Thanks again!!!

Brian & Sheena



Brandon and I just wanted to send a quick note to update you on our puppy (from Dolly's litter). Kallie is doing great, she's learned all  the basic commands although she's a little stubborn to always "come" when called, especially when there's something more interesting she'd rather keep doing. She's got a ton of energy all day but likes to lay down in my lap each night just before bed.
Brandon has been working on her pointing and retrieving skills out in the yard (as you can see from the pictures I've attached) and she's  getting quite good at it. He's excited to see how she will do in the fall when he takes her out hunting.
Brandon and Gina

Junior & Winnie

Hello!!! I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that the dogs are doing great. Junior has impressed many people and Winnie is eager to go hunting. We are going to take her out this weekend. We are so happy with both of them. The only down fall is that Junior does not like cats, but other than that they are wonderful. Let us know when you are coming up and will try to come down and let you see the dogs.

Happy Hunting!!



Got a pup from you 3mo ago! Molly and Ruger's last black/white pup. I adore him! He's started to hunt and loves being outside! He's the biggest baby and the Boyfriend spoils him rotten now. His new name is Bowen. Bo for short. I just wanted to thank you again for such a great dog! I'll never have another kind.  Will send pics soon! He's getting so big! Everyone loves him and I've given your web address to a bunch of people interested in one!

Thank you from northern WI!
April and Bowen


Hi, how are you doing? It was nice to meet you yesterday and a pleasant & pleased puppy purchase. We named her Browning and she is fitting in very well. She slept with my litter of chocolate labs last night and didn't wine a bit. As you can see by the picture of her and all three litters of labs taking a nap, she is snuggled in the pile taking a rest. It's kinda like, "can you pick out the GPS"? I thought you would enjoy that pic. Here's another of her getting to know a bird! Thank you for everything and look forward to doing business with you in the future.                      Chuck

Nice Website

Hello!  I would first like to tell you that I really like your website!  It is great!  My husband and I live in Ottertail with our two kids and our Jack Russell Terrier, Lilly.  Last July we lost our 6 year old GSP, Chase, to cancer.  We talked about getting another puppy, but it wasn't until I saw your website and told Dusty about it that we decided we are ready to look for another puppy for our family.   


AWARDS - Send us your pictures!!


National Competing Upland Classic 2003

Larry & Luke

Champions - 7th Annual Fall Bird Shoot - Bluegrass Kennels



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