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From time to time our dogs will bring home serious awards...we will post pictures whenever available.  If you purchase a dog from us and he or she becomes an award winner, or if they just win your heart and you'd like to share it with us, we'd love to share your pride on our website.  Please send us your photos!  Thanks to all of you who have sent us letters and pictures so far! 

Happy Hunting and God Bless the Dogs!


More messages from our friends


You made the comment when we picked her up “I wouldn’t be afraid to hunt her”.  Well – I think we picked her up mid October and in two weeks she was in the field.  During Thanksgiving break she did three days in a row – all out west and lots of birds “speed lessons”.  Now with the nice December she is starting to act like a veteran.  Anyway she coming along real good and if I can remember correctly a little ahead of her great aunt with regards to birds at this age.  Have a nice holiday season.       


In June of 2006 we purchased a pup from you.  She is a sweetheart.  Randy is so anxious to hunt with her this year.  Sammi went with him last year and did okay but was still a little young.  This year after many, many hours of chasing birds, squirrels and anything else that will move she should be in good shape for hunting.  Thanks for a great dog.  Take care.



Got a pup from you 3mo ago! Molly and Ruger's last black/white pup. I adore him! He's started to hunt and loves being outside! He's the biggest baby and the Boyfriend spoils him rotten now. His new name is Bowen. Bo for short. I just wanted to thank you again for such a great dog! I'll never have another kind.  Will send pics soon! He's getting so big! Everyone loves him and I've given your web address to a bunch of people interested in one!

Thank you from northern WI!
April and Bowen

Nice website

Hello!  I would first like to tell you that I really like your website!  It is great!  My husband and I live in Ottertail with our two kids and our Jack Russell Terrier, Lilly.  Last July we lost our 6 year old GSP, Chase, to cancer.  We talked about getting another puppy, but it wasn't until I saw your website and told Dusty about it that we decided we are ready to look for another puppy for our family.   


Awards? send us your pictures!

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